“As an optometrist, I cannot envision a workplace with greater opportunities for growth and advancement”

09/10 2023 - Stores

“As an optometrist, I cannot envision a workplace with greater opportunities for growth and advancement”

Meet one of our optometrists who is the backbone of Specsavers’ business – well-educated, professional, and with extensive experience in the optometry industry. Therese Malmqvist, based in our Östersund store, holds both an optometrist’s degree from Linné University in Kalmar and a degree in Diagnostic optometry from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. With over a decade of experience, she has been a dedicated optometrist at Specsavers and a part of the entire journey during which Specsavers transitioned from being a traditional optometry store to a broader approach to improving eye health. This involved new technological solutions and developing clinical routines to ensure customers receive the best care.

“A good optometrist understands and can help the customer like no one else. That feeling is unbeatable”

“My way into Specsavers was actually quite coincidental,” Therese explains. “But looking back, I'm grateful it happened that way because I felt at home right from the start. I lived in Bristol before and I've actually put my language skills to good use as Specsavers is such an international company with several training courses in English. When I joined, I was impressed by the customer-focused approach. The company always prioritises the needs of its customers, and that's something I value a lot.

As an optometrist, I meet many customers daily, and what's so positive is that you build deeper relationships with them and understand their reasons for choosing us. This deeper understanding makes it easier for us to address their specific needs, which, of course, feels very good. Additionally, working with such modern and technologically advanced equipment is a pure pleasure. I also feel like we are a bit ahead of our competitors, which is very exciting.”

“It feels like I learn something new every day”

As an optometrist at Specsavers, you’ve numerous opportunities for further education. You can often choose the specific type of training you want to undergo. Despite a typical workday filled with meetings, referral management, eye examinations and a lot of customer interaction, there’s always room for professional development. Specsavers supports you in your role and improves your skills. Our training tools are available on our internal digital training platform and we provide training modules as well as courses in classroom format and virtual classrooms.

“Ten years after finishing my primary education, I was presented with the opportunity to pursue Diagnostic optometry at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. I’m incredibly grateful for this chance as it has allowed me to balance my studies with my work, which is essential when you’ve got a family to consider. I’m particularly thankful for the opportunity to advance in my profession, broaden my knowledge, and apply all of my education to my work.”

“Much more than just performing an eye test”

As an optometrist within Specsavers, you’ll find diverse career opportunities. Your options include traditional in-store roles, working as an Optometrist on Demand, becoming a consultant optometrist, or pursuing a co-ownership of your own store through our programme Partner in Development. The programme provides the necessary training and preparation for you to become a co-owner of a Specsavers store and one of our future leaders.

“And it's not just customer relations that I think we're very good at, but also taking care of ourselves as a workplace. Despite its size, Specsavers is a company with a strong commitment, and this commitment becomes evident when you work here. Furthermore, there’s an ideal balance between work and private life. The company recognises the value of ensuring that employees are happy and growing. And it gives me the time and energy to do what I cherish most: Spending quality time with my family, hiking in the mountains, and caring for the farmhouse. It's my children who inspire me to be a better person. To work harder so that they can have the best childhood ever.”

Interested in working as an optometrist at Specsavers? Read more about the opportunities we offer and current job openings that match your preferences.

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