“Specsavers fits my personality”

01/06 2022 - Stores

“Specsavers fits my personality”

Raymond van den Broek would have never guessed that he would run a Specsavers store one day, but he has always been entrepreneurial. He used to work as a guard in prison and as a fitness instructor, and he thought about being a self-employed personal trainer, but it was all hard to match with his personal life. When someone showed him a vacancy at Specsavers, he decided to apply, which proved to be a good decision. Raymond started as an optical assistant at Specsavers Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, in 2015, and he never left. In fact, he will soon become the owner of the store.

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It took Raymond a while to get to know the organisation, which proved very suitable for him. “At first, I didn’t even realise how huge Specsavers is. I got a lot of information and learned a completely new vocabulary at work. I tried to be of value by learning fast, and then I noticed in what ways Specsavers is a family business: your team members soon feel like family. The whole team took me in tow.”

It became apparent that his job fits his personality and preferences: “I want to help people. The other day, this little girl came in. She often fell, and there seemed to be something wrong with her mobility, but we found out she had a refractive power of +7. The way she looked at us when she put on her glasses for the first time was unforgettable! Seeing people that happy with our products just makes my day.”

Eye care versus hearing care

Raymond also took care of maintenance and repairs of hearing aids in the store, which led him in a new direction. In 2018, he started his training to become a hearing care expert (at the Dutch HealthTec Academy in Utrecht), and since 2020, he’s practising his new profession. The way he’s in contact with his customers suits him: “I was always intrigued by the technical part of a hearing aid, but the customer contact is also enjoyable. As a hearing care expert, you’re together with your customer in a small room talking about their wishes, which can be quite intimate. You form a connection with your customer. And the product that you deliver helps them a lot.”

With his four colleagues, Raymond forms a close team. Communicating straightforwardly and helping each other out are essential. “I would call it straight: we can say anything to each other. We each have our part to play in this store, but we will always give a hand when a colleague needs one. Being involved and cooperative will make you experience the team spirit within this organisation.”

Focussed on development

Raymond will soon finish his training to make a new step in his career: he’ll become a hearing care partner. “Personal development is key at Specsavers, and I was eager to become a partner from day one. It’s a beautiful concept: you’re provided with tools and knowledge, but with a huge organisation as a backup. You can always rely on a regional manager of colleagues at the support office. Everyone works together; you will never be left with a question.”

He finds a good atmosphere and cooperation essential to enjoy his job, as well as the development opportunities: “Specsavers is a progressive company, focussed on making their products, stores and employees better every day. There are many courses and extra training modules, all taken care of and neatly organised. Furthermore, Specsavers’ strategy makes your life easier: everything is clear, and you know exactly what to do. For ambitious employees, there are so many nice challenges. You’ll never get bored!”

Do you also want to become a Specsavers hearing care expert? Check the vacancies in our Dutch stores!

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