From old school to a modern clinical assistant

15/04 2024 - Stores

From old school to a modern clinical assistant

Meet one of our newly trained clinical assistants, Claudia Blomdahl Reuter, from the store in Eslöv, who has worked in the optical industry in various roles for over thirty years. She has taken a long journey and has been part of the transformation where Specsavers has evolved from being a traditional optician store to a broader approach to eye health by offering new technological solutions and developing clinical procedures to ensure that customers receive the best patient care.

”Our main objective is to provide the best possible service to our customers”

Claudia, one of our clinical assistants has two different roles. She can either assist an optometrist who conducts eye tests remotely using a computer and monitor (known as Optician on Demand), or she can perform eye tests herself to gather necessary data from the customer, which she then shares with the optometrist (referred to as 'assisted refraction').

All eyes are unique and should be treated as such

“As a clinical assistant, you'll delve deeper into the realms of eyes and vision, optics, and the utilisation of cutting-edge measuring equipment in eye examinations. You'll receive comprehensive training encompassing theory and hands-on practice, collaborating closely with optometrists. Your role will also involve assisting customers in selecting the perfect frames, lenses, and contact lenses.”

“A clinical assistant meets many different customers every day, and what's so positive is that you establish a relationship with them and get answers to why they came to us in the first place. This makes it easier to help them with their specific needs, which, of course, feels great. You engage with customers on a deeper level, gaining a better understanding. Together with the optometrist, you can contribute to improving their eye health. Working with such modern and technologically advanced equipment is a pleasure, and I feel we are a bit ahead of the competition."

”The clinical aspect has always fascinated me

“Of course, it's been exciting to have the opportunity to further educate myself at this stage in my career. So when Specsavers gave me the chance to study 50% at Karolinska Institutet on paid working time, I jumped at it without hesitation. The training was inspiring, and it felt good to have the support of Specsavers' strong organisation. You feel they care about you as an employer and provide many educational opportunities. For someone like me who's always been interested in laboratory technology, it's been exciting to see how vision and the latest technology work together in our modern era.”

I've got a significant interest in permaculture, which I practice on the farm where I live, and I'm a certified Permaculture Designer. Permaculture is a contraction of permanent culture and involves creating and maintaining sustainable and self-sufficient ecosystems by mimicking nature's design principles and collaborating with the environment to achieve long-term sustainability. It's a mindset that I also strive to apply as a clinical assistant. It's about understanding the whole picture. As long as I'm learning something new, it's enjoyable, and it's always a good feeling to be able to help customers. If you're interested in becoming an optometrist, there is no better entry point than working as a clinical assistant."

Interested in working as a clinical assistant at Specsavers? Read more about the opportunities we offer and current job openings that match your preferences.

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