“I'm proud to have the opportunity to help people achieve better eye health”

11/12 2023 - Stores

“I'm proud to have the opportunity to help people achieve better eye health”

Maja Holm is one of our young and talented optometrists who joined Specsavers in the same city right after completing her optometrist’s degree from Linné University in Kalmar. Being a recent graduate optometrist, Maja automatically became a part of Specsavers’ Graduate Optometry Programme, a one-year programme offered to all newly graduated optometrists as part of their initial employment. As part of the Graduate Programme, every participant is matched with a mentor, selected from our pool of experienced optometrists working in our stores. Furthermore, all mentors have completed an internal mentorship programme to teach the newly graduated optometrists their best tips and tricks.

“When I started at Specsavers, I felt at home right away.”

“I used to work in the hotel and restaurant industry before pursuing my career as an optometrist. My time in hospitality ignited my passion for delivering exceptional service in any circumstance. I wanted to expand on this passion and make a difference in people's lives by improving their overall well-being. I completed my optometry degree in 2022 and have been a part of the Specsavers team since then.

My journey with Specsavers started as an optometrist assistant while I was still studying During my second year, I completed my internship there, and Specsavers provided exceptional help and support. When I became an optometrist, it seemed like the most logical decision to continue working there. Choosing Specsavers was a no-brainer because of its commitment to improving eye health.”

Graduate optometry programme

“In my first year as a newly graduated optometrist at Specsavers, I had the opportunity to participate in the Graduate Optometry Programme. I was paired with a mentor who offered a lot of support, and I could ask all kinds of questions and bounce ideas, high and low, which was very valuable to me. Even though the Graduate Optometry Programme is now completed, I know that my mentor would have welcomed me with open arms if I’d reached out to her today. Transitioning from studying theory in a secure school setting to applying it in a new work environment was a bit nerve-wracking, but thanks to all the support I received, both from my mentor and my colleagues in the store, I felt very confident in my role as an optometrist.

In addition to my mentor's support, I also received valuable support from both the store's owner and the entire store team. But I also knew them very well as I completed my internship there. Overall, the Graduate Programme provides you with very good support and serves as a safety net when you transition from school to a career. This programme provides new optometrists with support from day one. It helped me become a more skilled optometrist by dealing with different situations from different angles."

“A sense of family with an open environment”

“Working with eye health is very interesting; there is always more to learn. The constant opportunity for growth is particularly attractive. Optometry is a vast field with various topics to explore. Specsavers is an exciting and energetic workplace that invests heavily in further education. Despite being a large chain, every Specsavers store has a unique and familiar feel. Specsavers provides good support that you can always rely on, whether it’s from store managers, colleagues or the support office. If there’s something you need help with, there’s always someone you can turn to.

Working with people in various ways is a continuous development process. Interacting with diverse individuals and communicating in different ways is highly constructive. Helping people with varying needs has significantly helped me grow clinically. I’m also grateful for Specsavers' emphasis on continuing education. What makes me proud to be a part of Specsavers is the unique 'we-feeling'. At Specsavers, we support each other – if you need help, you’ll get it.”

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