Cert IV graduates celebrate at SDC3

At the conclusion of the Specsavers Dispensing Conference held in Victoria and Queensland in August, representatives from RMIT acknowledged the hard work of their 34 newest Specsavers graduates for the Cert IV qualification, several of whom were present.

Jade Cusworth, Program Coordinator of Optical Dispensing for RMIT, addressed the graduating cohort at the Melbourne event, stating that it was a “huge achievement to be able to successfully juggle work, study, family and fun”.

“I think you all should be very proud of what you have achieved by being able to juggle everything that you’ve taken on. Well done,” she said.

Jade noted that the students’ development as optical dispensers did not end with Cert IV.

“You’ve got lots of other areas that you can develop in,” she said, “and for some of you, it might be just the beginning or the midpoint of your career. With professional development and keeping current within the industry, you’re going to be able to carve a very successful and positive career for yourselves.

“The training pathways that are offered through Specsavers – from their internal training though to the Cert IV, the qualifications offered by ABDO and wonderful conferences like this – these things give you the tools to offer your customer the best eye care solutions and the best eye wear solutions.

“Being a qualified optical dispenser is a very rewarding career and it’s one that will continue to be rewarding – and become more rewarding – the more that you learn and seek development for yourselves … Keep learning, keep developing and be a part of the solution.”

Jade was joined by Dr Arvind Sharma, Executive Dean of the School of Vocational Engineering, Health and Sciences at RMIT, who presented the attending Cert IV graduates with certificates and a congratulatory bottle of champagne.

The new graduates join more than 1,500 Australian and New Zealand Specsavers dispensers who have completed Cert IV before them, with the foundation laid for the degree-level Fellowship Dispensing Diploma (FBDO) qualification offered by ABDO College.

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