Graduates taking up ‘Go with a Friend’ incentive to relocate to regional NSW

Recent graduate optometrist Kylie Choy decided to join Specsavers during her final semester of university in 2021. Her and her friend took advantage of the ‘Go with a Friend’ incentive, setting her sights on Specsavers Forster and Taree stores in regional NSW.

Kylie completed a placement in regional NSW and loved the variety and challenge. After graduating, she wanted to make it more permanent.

“I was considering relocating regionally but moving away on my own was holding me back until I heard about Specsavers ‘Go with a Friend’ incentive.

“Being able to live and work with my friend and having someone with me that understands everything I’m going through has given me great comfort,” adds Kylie.

Kylie enjoys splitting her time between the two stores with one store located in a beachside town and the other in a small town.

Her peers have been supportive, but Kylie is also enjoying the full access to senior staff.

“The store partners and managers are right there in the store with me and committed to my development,” says Kylie.

While Kylie learnt a lot about herself, including her resilience and self-development throughout the journey, she recognises the support from her team made the relocation easier.

“The endless support of my optometry mentors and team, including the detailed briefings, set my mind at ease.

“The team never turned me away when I knocked on their doors looking for more answers,” adds Kylie.

In her first graduate year, Kylie has enjoyed the journey highlighting that it has been everything it promised plus more.

“Clinically, I love having the OCT scans with every eye test. It helps a lot with my confidence, and I think this is important as a new graduate.

“I have gained so much experience with pathology and different types of patients. Giving me a deep level of career satisfaction,” adds Kylie.

With a close-knit community, Kylie enjoys working with her customers to achieve goals together, rather than just a once off-exchange.

Kylie encourages final-year students to go with a friend when looking to join Specsavers and considering a relocation to a regional town.

“Relocating can seem daunting, but with someone else there, that first step is already easier. Plus, you’ll always have a road trip buddy,” says Kylie.

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