Specsavers graduates relocating to embrace a Western Australian lifestyle

Eliza Jaspers graduated in 2020 at the height of the Covid pandemic. With great trepidation about how she would transition as an optometrist in store, she packed her bags and headed west to Western Australia in search of a new adventure.

Joining the Specsavers family was an obvious decision as she knew the support-laden graduate model would get her where she needed to be professionally and personally.

“Knowing that Specsavers had a well-established graduate program that assigned me a mentor for two years is why I joined Specsavers,” says Eliza.

As a graduate optometrist, Eliza decided to relocate from Victoria to Western Australia in her first year.

“I worked in the Specsavers Albany store to cover while another Optometrist was on leave. The landscapes are breathtaking, and the customers are lovely,” says Eliza.

Eliza moved to Western Australia with university friends, making the relocation easier.

“I’m living with one of my close friends, which has been a fun year. We have travelled around this beautiful part of Australia and enjoying the journey together,” says Eliza.

The now Specsavers Livingston optometrist is finding her work fulfilling, knowing that she is providing high-quality eye care and improving the lives of her customers.

“I wanted to work for a company that put people first. Having all of our imaging included in the eye test at no additional cost meant that I could focus more on helping people rather than trying to sell them products,” says Eliza.

Eliza’s typical day in the busy Western Australian store gave her the practical experience she needed coming out of her final year of university.

“I never have a dull day as I see so many examples of pathology and interesting cases, which you may not get in other stores.

“I’ve had two-year-old children presenting with red-eye, which has been such an enriching experience, and I’m thrilled I can build on my clinical skills,” adds Eliza.

With the help of Eliza’s new team, exposure to interesting cases and her exciting location has opened doors she could never have imagined.

“Specsavers made it easy to move interstate, and the process was seamless. They covered the relocation costs, and the Livingston store partners even helped me find a place to live.

The continued support I receive from the Specsavers support office, my mentor, and my team has taken me on this incredible journey of self-discovery. It has been deeply satisfying,” adds Eliza.

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