Pathway provides partners regional exposure with great success

The Specsavers Pathway Program allows new partners to invest in their future by becoming business-ready, instilling them with the confidence and skills to build their teams, run their stores and serve their community as a Joint Venture Partner (JVP).

Increasingly, many Specsavers partners are opting to relocate to regional areas once they complete the Program in search of greater exposure to varying clinical cases, practical experience, and a deeper level of self-development and discovery.

Samara Harahap, Retail Partner and Poukuy Ros, Optometry Partner at the Bega NSW store; Andy Pan, Optometry Partner and Suzanne Theron, Retail Partner at the Singleton NSW store, are talented optometrists and retail professionals excelling in their careers after completing the Program.

“I used to work as a locum in many regional areas and find the people friendly and relaxed,” says Poukuy. “The store’s rent is cheaper than the metro area, and fewer cars are on the road. If I sleep in, I still get to work on time without worrying about traffic.”

Samara Harahap and Poukuy Ros both came from the heart of metro NSW before relocating to the rolling green hills of the Sapphire Coast, now respectfully the retail and optometrist partners for Bega, NSW.

Samara knew relocating to a regional town would be fulfilling: “I love that I’m renting a beachside house and being able to go for a walk on the beach before work. I sure don’t miss peak-hour traffic in Sydney,” says Samara.

Highlighting the impact Pathway had on continuing their self-development to lead a small team and inspire and motivate people to be their best allows our partners to focus on improving customer experience and eye health care for the community.

Specsavers Singleton NSW partners Andy Pan and Suzanne Theron came from bustling large-sized Specsavers stores. Andy originating from the busy Bondi Junction store and enjoyed the depth of personal growth and self-discovery that Pathway provided. The Program accelerated his clinical and business skills, and he also learned more about himself and his capabilities. “My team have been very supportive. They also quickly built an excellent trust and rapport with the Singleton community,” says Andy.

Having crossed the border from Forest Hill, Vic, Suzanne is inspired to challenge herself after the Program. She relocated her whole family to experience a regional lifestyle: “My family is happy and settled, and I get immense job satisfaction every day,” says Suzanne.

With the quality of leadership development cultivated within our team members whilst on Pathway, one out of two Specsavers stores has taken on a Pathway Graduate as a JVP. The opportunity for optometry and retail professionals to lead a team in thriving regional communities with the highest standards of service and eye care is the future many partners are opting to pursue.

We’re encouraging ambitious professionals wanting more to contact us to discuss how Pathway and taking on a regional opportunity can accelerate your career ambitions and provide you with a satisfying career and enjoyable lifestyle.

To find out more, visit or contact Jenny Thang, Pathway Program Consultant,


About Specsavers JVP:

The JVP model is a support-laden franchise that currently operates in more than 425 Australian and New Zealand store locations. We’ve opened more than 350 Australian stores since 2008.

In 2022, Specsavers is stepping up its store opening program while expanding the footprint of many of our current stores – which means there will be multiple opportunities for more optical professionals to become JVP’s in regional locations.

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