Specsavers announced as winners of the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) Award

On Friday 12 November, the Specsavers Retail Training team took out the prestigious Australian Institute of Training and Development Award (AITD) for ‘Best Onboarding/Induction Program’.

This award recognises best practices for onboarding new employees into an organisation, demonstrating how the program equips employees to be job ready. The judging panel looked at factors including innovation, time to readiness and cost-effectiveness.

Denise Mossop, Head of Retail Training Design, celebrates the announcement.

“We’re thrilled to be awarded the AITD’s best onboarding/induction program. It is a great honour to be amongst such high calibre organisations.

“There has been so much effort and work put into our store learning journey. I want to thank our talented Retail Training team for their dedication and passion to developing and continuously improving our Specsavers Learning Journey, ensuring every new employee feels welcomed and set up for success right from the start,” adds Denise.

The Specsavers Learning Journey ensures more than 5,000 retail team members working in 400 stores spanning two countries have a consistent and engaging induction and onboarding experience, as well as a clear sense of their future pathway.

“The first weeks in a new job are the most pivotal time for both a new team member and the company they’ve joined. Get it right and you create loyalty, capability, experience, and ambassadorship,” says Denise.

The team utilised technology to create a comprehensive learning platform that supports learners to build capability in all areas required for their store role. Developing 585 learning resources and covering 43 topics over three competency levels, the learning journey is available to new and existing team members.

Partners, Managers and In-Store Trainers said team members have increased their knowledge of the business and their roles, and confidence in their capabilities within a shorter timeframe. Overall, the perception of the Specsavers Learning Journey in preparing new team members in their roles increased to 99% among store Partners and Managers.


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