Specsavers Graduate Program: Estelle Zhao reaches for the stars

Estelle Zhao from Specsavers Belconnen store in the ACT describes her experience after recently completing the two-year graduate program and the benefits she gained along the way, prompting the realisation of the positive impact she has on the lives of people in her community.

“I was apprehensive about coming out of university and suddenly being responsible for someone else’s health,” says Estelle.

While Estelle felt nervous, she also had comfort in knowing that she had an extensive support network behind her.

“The Specsavers Graduate Program allowed me to have a mentor in-store and regular check-ins with the support office, as well as having a supportive community of other grads on hand,” says Estelle.

Having a solid support network when starting a new career ensures graduates have a seamless transition from student life to the clinical aspects of a practicing optometrist.

“A lot of graduate optometrists would be entering the workforce for the first time. Having a formal graduate program helped me readjust to a new chapter in my life,” says Estelle.

While Estelle has enjoyed the professional development aspect, she’s also enjoying the freedom to make decisions and changes in-store, benefiting the whole team.

“Making decisions and implementing changes has given me great job satisfaction. Seeing the joy and benefit that these changes bring to our team is very rewarding,” says Estelle.

Estelle has set her sights on future career goals and is already taking on leadership and professional development opportunities, with ambitions to become a future partner.

“I’m now mentoring a new graduate. I love that I have this chance to pay it forward and be involved in the development of another optometrist.

“I am very fortunate to have great directors in my store who are invested in my development as an optometrist and a leader. I feel partnership is the next step for me,” says Estelle.

Estelle’s overall experience has given her the confidence to reach for the stars and focus on a long and satisfying career at Specsavers.

“As my graduate program ended, I’m now well-adjusted in my role as an optometrist. I’m ready and excited to take on new challenges now and into the future,” says Estelle.

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