Making OCT a standard part of the eye exam

Dr. Darren Singh, OD, provides education on eye health during his consultation.
Dr. Darren Singh, OD, provides education on eye health during his consultation.

Specsavers was founded with the purpose of changing lives through better sight. Started by optometrists, for optometrists, clinical excellence and technology have always been an essential part in working towards this goal. So, when an optometrist chooses to start their own clinic within a Specsavers location, we want to make sure they have the resources they need to achieve the best possible health outcomes for their patients.

Every practice owner in the Specsavers network has access to a new, fully integrated clinic, complete with advanced equipment, like optical coherence tomography (OCT). That means they have the foundation to make a positive impact in their community and work towards a leading detection rate for eye conditions, like glaucoma and diabetic eye diseases, to the best of their ability.

An OCT scan is carried out for all patients as part of the pre-test. The pre-test consists of a series of assessments using clinical equipment to collect relevant and important pre-screening information. All the results from the pre-test are integrated in real time to the patient’s record using a secure, cloud-based system.

This means that optometrists have a comprehensive picture of their patient’s eye health and visual status before they begin their consultation. All this allows optometrists to have more meaningful patient conversations when it comes to their assessment and patient plan as they progress through the consultation.

“Having practiced in other clinical settings where the technologies I have now were not an option, I often had to refer my patients out for baseline screenings due to in-office equipment limitations. My patients appreciate being able to routinely see their fundus photos and OCT results at every examination, which certainly helps with patient retention. So access to such great technology in my clinic is a huge help,” said Dr. Bosung Kim, optometry partner and clinic owner at Specsavers Hastings-Sunrise.

“OCT is proven to have a measurable impact on the early detection of sight-threatening eye conditions. We’re proud to be able to provide independent optometrists within the Specsavers network with OCT equipment in their clinics so they can offer it to all patients as part of their standard eye exam,” said Naomi Barber, Director of Optometry at Specsavers Canada.

Independent, locally owned clinics are fitted with fully integrated, advanced technology at all Specsavers locations. To start your own business and independent clinic, find out what locations remain with our partnerships team at

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