Matthew focuses on relationships while his career soars

Matthew began working at Specsavers six years ago with the aspiration to kick start his career in the IT industry. Having a keen interest in computers, Matthew started out as a Level 1 Service Desk Analyst where he gained much experience working on the service desk and answering computer troubleshooting inquiries.

“I’ve worked on everything from account setups to printers, software installs, network and internet troubleshooting. I also worked on the Specsavers IT Care Bar for two years and was the first point of call for all Specsavers Support office staff.

“I assisted with IT-related inquiries and dealt with any minor issues on the spot.

“I get a real joy out of helping people understand technology. I have great skill in explaining why things go wrong,” says Matthew.

With his career aspirations on the right path, Specsavers recognised Matthew’s hard work. As a result, he was promoted to Level 1 Helpdesk Team Leader and is now the senior member of his team.

Matthew’s promotion has allowed him to focus on his strength in helping others. He is now the escalation point of contact to assist his team and defuse anyone that may be disgruntled.

One of the areas that appeal to Matthew is that every day is different.

“The wide variety of IT that we support makes the job very interesting. The tickets/requests are never the same, and there are always many ways to fix problems.

“There are also some great personalities that make the job enjoyable, and I’ve developed a rapport with several store partners and staff,” says Matthew.

The variety in Matthew’s role has also allowed him to work in Hong Kong, where he took on the role of Interim Systems Administrator.

“My goal was to educate and assist the Hong Kong Support office around the ServiceNow Incident portal and ensure they were all trained and able to use it.

“I also provided technical support at the supply chain conference that all the global supply chain managers attended. Although I had minimal context and system knowledge, the week was very

productive, and I received glowing feedback from our Senior Business Stakeholders,” says Matthew.

While Matthew enjoys the opportunity to help people, travel opportunities and the great pay and benefits, his real enjoyment is the friendships he has made.

“I like that I can have a laugh with my team and the wider store teams at Specsavers. The friendly culture is what I enjoy the most in the role.”

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