Spectacle maker apprenticeship

What is a spectacle maker apprenticeship?

At Specsavers, we want to give great people a headstart in the working world. Our spectacle maker apprenticeships, otherwise known as lab technicians, will teach you to produce customer orders, from making and repairing glasses to interpreting optical prescriptions and drawings, whilst using the most up-to-date technology. If you’re looking for a hands-on role in a busy store lab, read on.

A spectacle maker apprenticeship at Specsavers is a level 3 programme and lasts 15-18 months. As an apprentice, you’ll earn as you learn whilst working for an exciting, fast-paced and innovative company. With an opportunity to gain valuable experience in optical technology, delivered through in-person training and structured learning from both the in-store and the Specsavers apprenticeship team.

What’s on offer and what will I gain?

As a spectacle maker apprentice, you’ll be paid a regular salary of at least the national rate. Whether you’re a recent school leaver or looking for a change, you’ll have more stability while you train in a key role. Our apprentices get at least 20 days of paid holiday per year, plus bank holidays and each store has its own benefits package.

You’ll receive structured training to become a Level 3 lab technician, a nationally-recognised qualification in spectacle making which you can read about here. You’ll help the team produce quality, affordable eyewear by developing your knowledge of the different materials and key optical tools that are used, and diagnosing when products need repair. A great pair of glasses makes everything clearer, and you’ll play an invaluable role in getting our customers there.

This apprenticeship will open the door to career opportunities in Specsavers, which you won’t necessarily have considered or even be aware of. You’ll have a manager and buddy that will support you throughout your learning journey and will talk to you about the different career steps possible.

Day in the life of a spectacle maker apprentice

Our apprenticeships are designed so that you can learn ongoing and have constant support from Specsavers throughout. While the first day might just mean getting to know your colleagues and the in-store lab, you’ll find yourself taking on exciting new tasks before you know it.

Your role will be a lab-based one, so you’ll keep the store running behind the scenes. This is ideal if you like to get stuck in with the practical work which plays a significant part in providing excellent customer service. You will apply the appropriate maths and optical science solutions to problems when necessary and ensure that all handling and storing techniques are carried out safely.

Eventually, you’ll produce customer orders from scratch. We’ll teach you a whole range of practical skills: you’ll learn to interpret optical prescriptions and drawings and fix broken eyewear. You’ll carry out testing and adjustments of our eyewear, and make sure our materials are up to the high-quality Specsavers standard. Essentially, you’ll make sure that people continue to receive excellent, affordable eyewear across your community.

Our spectacle maker apprenticeship

Your on-the-job training will sit alongside structured learning and support from Specsavers where you need it. Your apprenticeship will lead to a nationally recognised qualification. At the end of the 15-18 months, you’ll be a fully-fledged Level 3 Spectacle Maker.

Many of our spectacle makers progress to other roles and gaining further qualifications. You can look at some of our other roles here. With Specsavers’ support and experience, you may even end up running your own store in years to come. (If that’s where you see yourself!)

How do I sign up?

Our application process:

Our opportunities page will show you the current roles available near you.

Seen a role you fancy? While we boast all the latest technology, sometimes we think the old ways are the best. We encourage you to drop your CV in-store, so you can get to know the shop and say hello to the team you’d be working with.

Of course, you can also apply directly to an opportunity online.

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