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Specsavers is a truly international organisation, currently operating in 11 countries and employing over 40,000 people globally. Exciting news: since launching in Canada in 2021, we have continued to grow, recently celebrating the opening of our 115th store.

Whether you’re already part of Specsavers or are looking to join our team- if your dream is to work with us in Europe, Australia, or Canada, we are here to support you in achieving that goal!

The international move checklist

At Specsavers we have a global mobility team and their role is to support you with your international move, ensuring it goes smoothly and to iron out any challenges that could pop up along the way – and, we can safely say that there are lots of challenges involved in an international move – which makes it exciting, and will give anyone considering the move plenty to think about! Drawing on our experiences, here are the top three things you should consider if you’re thinking about an international move:

Do your research

Do you’re research on the country you’re hoping to move to – everything from their international language, to their weather, but most importantly, have a think about their living arrangements and the associated costs of living there – for example, is the accommodation location, size and quality something you’re happy with? How much would an average grocery shop cost you? What’s the travel/traffic like? What about healthcare? Really try and find out the realities of living in this place as early as you can.

Entry requirements

For most countries, you’ll need a visa and this can be quite an involved process, consider whether you can meet the entry criteria applicable to your move. You’ll also need to provide mountains of information to the immigration teams for each country – this will include things like bank statements, police checks, address history, medical history, education certificates, language tests – and the same will apply for anyone you’d like to travel with. Be prepared to get up in your loft and dig out some documents!



We can’t emphasise enough what a complex process moving internationally is – it can be time-consuming and also costly. It’s really important that you’re fully aware of the investment involved in a move, both from a time and money perspective. The main aspects of finance you need to look at before you leave a country are: bank accounts, pensions, individual savings accounts and expat taxes. When it comes to moving abroad the little things mount up so think about what your budget is.

Ready to make the move?

As you can see there’s definitely lots for you to think about. If you’d like any further insight into the requirements and process generally, please get in touch with us and we’d be really happy to help.

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