A career with Specsavers in Canada

Specsavers plans to become a market leader and open more than 200 locally owned stores across Canada by 2024. Our goal is to redefine accessible eyecare for Canadians and we are focused on bringing value-driven prescription eyewear paired with inclusive clinical care, advanced equipment, and unrivaled network of professional expertise to deliver best-in class service every day.

Am I eligible to work in Canada?

You are eligible to work in Canada if you are:

  • Canadian
  • Hold Canadian citizenship or
  • Qualify via a family link

What if I don't have the right to work in Canada?

If you’re considering a move to Canada to work and don’t have an automatic right to do that (for example, if you are Canadian, hold Canadian citizenship or qualify via a family link) then it’s likely you’ll need to apply for a work permit.

In Canada, there are short term and longer term work permits, as well as an option to apply for permanent residency. The qualifying criteria for each type of work permit varies greatly, and can depend on your nationality, qualifications, job role and many other factors. Some work permits are only possible if we have tried and been unable to recruit locally in Canada for a role. The duration of work permits issued in Canada can also vary, depending on your circumstances and which route you are eligible to go down. 

Clinical conversion

If you are an Optometrist that is not registered in Canada and looking to become registered then the journey can be expensive, long and needs real dedication. To explore the process further then please visit the federation of the optometric regulatory and licensing bodies in Canada.

If you are an Optometrist registered in Canada then please go the Spectrum Canada site where you can learn more about the partnership, employed opportunities and the brand. 

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