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Specsavers has focused on giving all patients in New Zealand the best patient care with affordable prices. This has seen Specsavers continue to grow and open new opportunities across our 400+ stores and support office.

It can be tricky to confirm who is eligible to work and live in New Zealand, due to changing immigration restrictions. We’ve made a quick guide to support your understanding of eligibility to relocate and work in New Zealand.

Am I eligible to work in New Zealand?

You are eligible to work in New Zealand if you are a New Zealand or Australian citizen

If you are not a New Zealand citizen, eligibility is dependent on:

  • Valid immigration status for Australia or New Zealand which allows you to carry out the required work (eligibility criteria applies)
  • Completed the Optometrist OCANZ conversion exams (eligibility criteria applies)

What if I don't have the right to work in New Zealand?

If the above criteria doesn’t apply to you, there are other options to explore. Completing the Optometry OCANZ conversion exams or by applying for a visa.


The Optometry Council of Australia and New Zealand (OCANZ) is an external process that assesses optometry programs outside of Australia. Overseas-qualified optometrists must successfully complete the OCANZ exams to be able to practise and register in Australia and New Zealand. Specsavers is well versed in supporting Optometrists through OCANZ and offer a support package.

Optometrist visa

Once all aspects of OCANZ has been completed the ‘New Zealand Essential Skills Work Visa’ is the best path to be able to work and live in New Zealand. This is an employee sponsored visa and will allow you to complete your Therapeutics study as part of your Optometry registration.

Dispensing visa

Those under 30 will able to apply for a 2 year ‘Working Holiday Visa’.

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