Preparing for partnership: Shelley Wang and Ryan Gibson

Only months after Shelley Wang and Ryan Gibson became Joint Venture Partners (JVPs) of Specsavers Glenfield in New Zealand, their store expanded to accommodate increasing demand and state-of-the-art technology. Shelley and Ryan, who graduated from the Pathway and Partner in Development programs, respectively, discuss how Specsavers’ partner development programs set them up for success and rapid business growth.

Optometry – more than improving vision

Each year, Specsavers sponsors a selection of graduate and senior optometrists to participate in an outreach where they can see and experience first-hand the work of Specsavers’ national charity partner, The Fred Hollows Foundation. Patrycja Zelazny, a graduate optometrist at Specsavers Taylors Lakes in Victoria, participated in one such outreach at the Pacific Eye Institute in Suva, Fiji from 3 to 7 June. Here, she shares what she witnessed, and how it changed her perceptions of optometry.

Experiencing a different side of Fiji: Bridget Field

In June 2019, Bridget Field, a graduate optometrist at Specsavers Mount Maunganui in New Zealand, spent nine days participating in an outreach in Fiji facilitated by The Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand and supported by Specsavers. Here, Bridget provides a snapshot of life in Fiji that most tourists who visit the holiday destination may not be aware of.

Managing more than 250 graduate optometrists: Adam Buxton

Earlier this year, the Specsavers Graduate Program shattered two records: hosting its largest Graduate Induction event and having the highest number of graduates participating in the program at any one time. Spectrum speaks to Adam Buxton, Head of Graduate Recruitment and Development for Specsavers Australia & New Zealand, about the driving factors that have led to this surge of interest, as well as how the graduate program has evolved over the years. 

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