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The joint venture partnership model

For those with the drive to make it happen, becoming a partner at Specsavers is a fantastic way to take control of a business while avoiding the many risks of starting up on your own. Back in 1984, Doug and Mary Perkins realised that for an optical professional to really be part of the business, they had to have a stake in its ownership and profits and so they developed the ground-breaking joint venture partnership (JVP) model. This model is now also available for our domiciliary and audiology professionals.

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What is partnership?

Partners are A shareholders; in charge of the day-to-day running of the business, they receive the profits and enjoy capital growth. They also receive a market salary and other benefits from the joint venture business entity, to give them that extra layer of security.

Specsavers is a B shareholder; in return for our best-in-class support, we receive a percentage of the turnover as a management fee.

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