Everybody is somebody

Diversity and Inclusion

Treating people as we would like to be treated ourselves

At Specsavers, everybody is somebody

We recognise the benefits of embracing a diverse and inclusive workforce, in terms of better business performance, more engaged employees, enhanced employer brand and greater innovation. We believe diversity and inclusion are key to achieving our long-term goals, ensuring we have the right people in the right place at the right time.

As a business operating in many markets around the world, we believe diversity brings benefits for our customers, our business and our people. We want a connected workforce that reflects the communities in which we work and the customers we serve. Different ideas and perspectives help us innovate, manage risk, and grow the business in a sustainable way – and difference is celebrated at Specsavers.

Building a diverse and inclusive workforce

Our organisation was founded on ‘treating people as we would like to be treated ourselves’, so for us, nurturing a diverse and inclusive culture is based on more than just business benefit. We are committed to supporting all of our people to be the best that they can be by creating an environment that respects and values difference. Our focus is: 

Building the agenda

We have a global programme of diversity and inclusion activity, led by a dedicated resource. Local action groups are established to drive local agendas to deliver meaningful change across all of our Support Office’s and Manufacturing and Distribution (M&D) sites. They aim to make sure everyone feels included and can help Specsavers to address internal challenges and opportunities. Their insight into the experience and needs of a diverse customer base can also help our business identify commercial opportunities. Networks and communities are being established by our people across Specsavers. These voluntary groups bring together employees with shared characteristics and common interests, for example representing LBGT+.

Challenging our biases

Since 2018 we have been focusing on establishing a shared basic understanding of how bias can play out in the workplace and the decisions we are making. It is a critical step in our diversity and inclusion journey and is critical to changing behaviours. We continue to keep unconscious bias awareness firmly on our agenda with sessions being available to all staff. See what some of our colleagues say below about our recent sessions:

Flexible working

We have always made good use of flexible working here at Specsavers. However, we have reinforced our commitment to ensuring that everyone in our support offices globally can request it. Where viable, we are now recruiting with an explicit commitment to our support for more flexible working arrangements. Focusing on how, when and where people work.

People process reviews

Our recruitment and talent management activities have been reviewed end to end, ensuring all roles are accessible to the broadest skillsets possible – removing any bias from the process.

Data and Reporting

We are focused on enhancing our data processes to develop broader measures beyond gender and reporting around Group diversity. How we gather, manage and access our global people data is fundamental to our commitment to transparency with our inclusion programme.

We continue to share gender pay data internally for all our businesses around the world (Global Inclusion report), as well as fulfil our legal obligation in UK, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden in line with in-country reporting approaches.

Our commitment

For Specsavers to be a truly inclusive place to work. From recruitment to retirement, recognising everyone as an individual, providing an environment for everyone to be the best they can be.

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