From apprentice to manager: Here’s Bradley’s story

Hi everyone, my name is Bradley and I’ve been working at Specsavers for the last 10 years across two different stores and across multiple departments. At the moment, I’m working as a General Manager – Dispensing Optician with Specsavers Stroud in Gloucestershire.

Before I joined Specsavers, a career in optics and hear care was not something I had considered. I joined as an apprentice working in the Specsavers contact centre but even during the application process, I wasn’t sure it would be for me but what I did know was the idea of learning and earning was something I was interested in it.


After a year of learning, I was offered a full-time position at the contact centre. I remember even early on I was shown just how many opportunities there is for development at Specsavers which inspired me to where I am now. The thought that I could join as an apprentice in the contact centre work my way to becoming a Dispensing Optician, Manager and even Store Partner was really motivating.

I’ve always felt since I joined, I had the support of Specsavers to pursue whichever path I wanted from the early days right through to my Ophthalmic Dispensing degree. My degree has been completely funded by my fantastic store partners and there are bundles of other courses and opportunities to continue your learning in whatever format suits you.

Now, in my role as General Manager – Dispensing Optician, I have the privilege of providing eye care to our customers and assisting them in whatever queries they might have and ensuring they receive the fantastic level of service one would expect from Specsavers. Another highlight of my role is being able to develop and train new colleagues. I can share my experience and knowledge, and I take pride in being available to support my colleagues’ development in the same way I’ve received such support in my career thus far.

For someone who might be in two minds about whether Specsavers is right for them, I’d say three words – Go for it! If you would’ve asked the nervous 16-year-old apprentice where I would be in 10 years’ time, I wouldn’t have been able to imagine the progression and development I have received. I’ve never felt like I was doing a job, I’ve always believed I started a career journey when I joined the contact centre all those years ago.
My role allows me to work with some truly amazing people, you’re never alone working at Specsavers and someone is always on hand to provide support when needed. Everyone is working together to provide the very best care for our customers, and you can really feel this shared mission in the culture. No two days are the same with Specsavers, which keeps it exciting.

Lastly, away from work, I seem to have a habit of throwing myself into random different hobbies that I think will become the greatest thing ever! In truth, this often lasts a few months before I move onto the next thing. I ensure to tell everyone about each one of course. I’m sure people have come to just nod and smile, when I tell them about a new hobby now!

I enjoy finding a new exciting series on Netflix and dedicating every evening to it until I finish it. Loading up on snacks and sitting back to binge watch a series is one my hobbies that has certainly lasted more than a few months!

To learn more about Specsavers’ apprenticeship offerings visit our apprenticeships page on the careers website.

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