Island Life for a Specsavers Optometry Partner in Orkney  

Life on Orkney is about to get even better for its residents as the demand for opticians on the island, backed by the NHS, will see Specsavers open a brand-new store.   

The Partnership team is excited to be looking for an optometry partner for the Orkney Store. Someone who will lead the new store, build their team, and provide vital support to the community.  

Life of an Islander

Known for its welcoming community and relaxing way of life, Orkney has been rated one of the best places to live in the Sunday Times Best places to live list 2023. The island is picturesque, with stunning seascapes and rolling green landscapes. It frequently entertains with superb views of the Northern Lights. The islanders take great pride in their rich culture and history and support local businesses. Which supports them in reducing their reliance on mainland travel for supplies and services.  

It’s a great place to put down roots and be part of a trusting community who places clinical services in high regard. There is a network of healthcare providers on the island who work closely together. Patients currently wait months for appointments or travel to the mainland for eye care. With Specsavers joining the Island, there is the opportunity to make life-changing difference to patients. It will offer them better access to eye care services. 

If your life’s dream is getting away from the hustle and bustle and finding the perfect work/life balance, Orkney ticks all boxes. 

Support from an experienced partner 

Ian Morris is an experienced optometrist partner based in Wick. He has nearly two decades of experience at Specsavers and will support the new partner by guiding them through the set-up of their business. Ian’s expertise will ensure they are on the right path for success. His own Specsavers journey has seen him climb the qualification ladder. From pre-registration in Inverurie, he continued his studies at the Montrose store and completed the Independent Prescribers course. He explains “the hardest part was the clinical placements. I worked in Montrose from a Tuesday to Saturday, then went down to Glasgow on the Sunday and worked all day in the hospital on the Monday. I did that for three months straight to get qualified”. He then completed the ILM course alongside Specsavers Pathway to Partnership while working between Arbroath and Dundee. He has been the optometry Partner at the Wick store for the past seven years. Ian is committed to clinical excellence and is one of only two Specsavers practitioners in Scotland to have completed the NHS Education Scotland Glaucoma Award Training (NESGAT) course. This is equivalent to the Professional Certificate and Glaucoma Management Treatment in the UK.

Ian says, “Orkney offers a welcoming community, making it an ideal place to settle down and potentially raise a family. The role provides the opportunity to expand your skill set and take on new challenges”. He understands the value of reducing eye care hospital visits by providing advanced services within an optical practice. He has supported clinics on Orkney with Enhanced Optical Services and is ready to provide similar support for the new Orkney store. “In an optical practice, we can see a patient much more quickly and can deal with their issues, preventing further hospital visits, and providing follow-up care.” 

Drawing on his experience of building a successful business from scratch, Ian leads a highly experienced team in Wick. They are ready to lend their expertise to the new Orkney store with training and support.  

 Support from a global brand

Lynsay Edmond, Specsavers Regional Relationship Manager for Scotland shares, “It is a remote opportunity, but we will be there every step of the way to support with settling into a new life. This includes support for building relationships with schools, clubs, and other groups of interest. Our goal is to make the new partner feel a part of the community and establish a new home for themselves. The fact that Specsavers have been approached by the NHS to open a store in Orkney shows the level of professional and public support for the venture.”  

Lynsay works alongside a network of experienced professionals who are ready to provide continuous guidance and support to the new partner. With regular communication, both in-person and through remote tools, the new partner will remain well-connected and supported throughout their journey. Lynsay affirms, “The impact a partner could make in Orkney is immense, with the potential for life-changing work. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with Specsavers, an absolute golden chance that will undoubtedly be incredibly exciting once they are there.”  


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