See your career at Specsavers: Stacy tells us why now is the time to kick start your career in technology at Specsavers  

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In the UK we have over 1,000 stores who do the incredible job of helping our customers see and hear better. These stores wouldn’t be able to open or operate without the great work that goes on behind the scenes in our technology team.  

This week we spoke with Stacy Coath our Retail Technology Delivery Manager who talks to us about some of this amazing work and his career journey at Specsavers so far.  

Stacy has worked in the IT support space for 30 years, He heard about Specsavers when some of his former colleagues joined us.   

‘I was keen to do something, not different in terms of the role and the technology aspects but in terms of working for a company that took more interest in their colleagues and wellbeing.’ 

Stacy joined Specsavers three years ago, he originally came on board as the IT Operations Manager working in the backend and looking at all the nuts and bolts of how our IT platforms work and how the team can better support our partners in store by re-working some of our processes.  

Earlier this year Stacy made the move into the new role of Retail Technology Delivery Manager and this move has given him the end-to-end view of everything technology do within Specsavers.  

‘One of the things that’s quite key with Specsavers is you aren’t pigeonholed; you can go anywhere. I took a bit of a sideways step to work in a slightly different environment and moved out onto the store frontlines which is a massive change but that’s a good thing and I’m excited to see where it leads me next.’  

Stacy now leads a team of PCO’s (Project Co-ordinators) that are out in the field every day, working with the store partners and our business development teams to understand IT requirements for the refurbishment of stores, store re-fits and new store openings whilst working with our third-party suppliers to ensure that we deliver any IT needs in a timely manner. This could be anything from delivering IT into a new test room to a complete renewal and uplift of all IT infrastructure. 

‘Whenever I tell people I work at Specsavers, they ask me which store I work in. People don’t realise that we have a large technology department employing over 400 people. It’s a really exciting time to be involved with tech at Specsavers as there are loads of initiatives to enhance the customer journey.’ 

We asked Stacy if he would recommend Specsavers as a place to work; ‘Specsavers is a phenomenal company to work for, they are heavily involved in wellbeing – they really take it seriously. It’s at the heart of their values and the community within Specsavers is fantastic. I don’t think you will find another company where you will be happier. The work environment is great, the benefits and perks you receive are great and the way they care and want to push you forward is just amazing. I genuinely believe people want to come to work in the morning at Specsavers’.  

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