‘I can’t believe how many opportunities I’ve been given’

Dagmar Muur started working at Specsavers Waterford on the shop floor. Today, she’s a business owner and director as the store’s audiology partner

Specsavers audiology partner Dagmar Muur

Back in 2007, Dagmar Muur was pretty unhappy with how her career was going. She was working in a call centre, feeling unfulfilled and looking for a big change.

Little did she know that taking a shop-floor job at her local Specsavers store in Waterford on the south coast of Ireland would eventually lead to a degree and owning her own Specsavers business.

Dagmar got a job as an Optical Assistant at the store in 2007. She worked in the glasses collection area for a while, then in office administration, before doing some pre-testing – the tests a customer has before seeing the optician. She loved it, so when she was offered the chance to move into audiology and train as a Hearing Aid Dispenser, Dagmar jumped at it.

With the support of her audiology director at the time, she trained first as a Hearing Care Assistant and then – knowing she’d got the hearcare bug – went straight on to qualify as a Hearing Aid Dispenser with a foundation degree at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.

“My whole time with Specsavers has been constant training and development. You get into a learning mindset at Specsavers. It was very, very exciting to be at university and having lectures. I was just like a sponge taking everything in and I just enjoyed every minute of it.”

After qualifying as a HAD, Dagmar completed clinical lead and microsuction training, as well as leadership and management courses with the ILM.

In 2021, Dagmar completed Specsavers Pathway, our bespoke training and development that gives clinicians all the tools to become successful business owners through our joint venture partnership model. And in February 2022, she became the audiology partner at Waterford, the store where her Specsavers journey had begun. She’s building her own business, growing her team and putting her vision for hearing care provision into practice.


“When I look back, I can’t believe how far I’ve come and how many opportunities I’ve been given. When I joined Specsavers, I wasn’t aware of all the opportunities the company has to offer. I’ve just taken every single one that’s been offered, and I’m very happy that I did.”

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