Meet Nina, from future talent to Global Sustainability Manager

Meet Nina, she joined us four years ago on our graduate programme and now works in our sustainability team leading on our community pillar. Read her full story below.

Hi, My name is Nina Munch Jørgensen, I live in Copenhagen and have worked at Specsavers for just over four years. I started my Specsavers career on a graduate scheme, called Future Talent, where I had the opportunity to work in different departments across the business. Now I am a part of Specsavers sustainability team as Global Sustainability Manager, where I am leading our Community Pillar.

What was your background before joining Specsavers?
I have a master from Copenhagen Business School and started in Specsavers right after graduation. During my studies I’ve predominately worked in retail, with a pitstop in facility management at ISS.

Tell me a little bit about your journey at Specsavers?
Being a graduate from the Future Talent programme allowed me to try different position across the business – so I’ve worked in a Louis Nielsen store as an optical assistant, later as Local MarketingMmanager at the Northern European Support Office (NESO), and then a Customer Operations Manager within NESO’s retail department.

The common denominator throughout my experience is that all colleagues are very supportive – you have this feeling that we are in this together and try to support each other in any way we can, which really emphasises the family DNA. I’ve also met some very inspirational leaders, who have supported in my career development, and still act as mentors for me.

Can we hear about your journey into working sustainability?
I’ve always been interested in Specsavers position as a corporate citizenship. Historically, Specsavers has done a lot of initiative to support local communities through our partner network, which I’ve always found extremely interesting. It really emphasises the fact that Specsavers wants to do the right thing for our local communities, customers, partners, colleagues and the planet.

Later I was approached by our Director of Sustainability who asked whether I wanted to join Specsavers sustainability team, and it was an opportunity I could not say no to.

How has Specsavers helped and supported your development?
Throughout my time at Specsavers my managers have always done a lot to support my professional development – I’ve been on courses to improve presentation skills, joined the One Young World Summit to learn more about sustainability and the biggest challenges we face globally, and finally had the chance to take the course on Business Sustainability Management at Cambridge University.

What gives you pride in your role working in sustainability?
To accelerate Specsavers sustainability agenda, and be a part of the journey.

How do you feel like you’re making an impact on our sustainability goals?
I feel like my understanding brings an operation aspect to the sustainability agenda through my time in retail, and I can bridge that with the overall sustainability agenda.

What have you learnt during your time at Specsavers?
As we are a business where stores are owned locally, I’ve learned to have a constant reminder that everything we do at a support office level and strategy level needs to be relevant to our partners in stores.

During the first year of my time in Specsavers I worked in Louis Nielsen in central Copenhagen (Købmagergade) – and every time I reflect on how my work will land in stores I keep thinking “How would Michael (the partner) perceive this?” So I’ve basically learned that I always need to understand what initiatives I need to work and do the right thing for our partners – that will subsequently also mean to do the right thing for our customers and local communities.

What would you say to encourage someone thinking about applying for a sustainability role at Specsavers?
Apply to get the chance to join Specsavers’ sustainability journey – be a part of the thinking that will ultimately shape Specsavers sustainability agenda and delivery. You get the opportunity to work with colleagues across UK/ROI, Australia and New Zealand, Northern Europe and Canada – a truly inspiring environment and workspace. You will work with people that will inspire you and will motivate you to accelerate your personal development and career.

Why do you love working in sustainability at Specsavers?
Same as above but also being able to figure out how we can support communities we trade in and source from.

What one word would you use to describe the Specsavers culture?

Finally, tell us a little bit about yourself outside of work 
I love dogs (like really love dogs). Unfortunately, I don’t have one myself, so I have an informal side job as dog sitter. I’m also a big fan of Downtown Abbey and secretly aspire to Dowager Countess of Grantham (Violet Crawley) when I get older.


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