See your career at Specsavers: Apprentice to Retail Manager, Saskia’s story

Meet Saskia Robbins, read on to find out why she’s loving the career she didn’t even know she wanted.

My name is Saskia. I’m a Customer Service Manager and In- Store Trainer at the Stroud store. My role involves ensuring all of our patients receive our ‘Smiles’ service and supporting my team members with any new products, offers or training development they require.

Before joining Specsavers, I studied at The Big Act drama school in Bristol and gained a qualification in professional musical theatre. I did things like tribute shows and princess parties whilst working 3 jobs! It was great fun but I knew at some point I wanted a more stable career for the future.

So how did my Specsavers path begin?  

An eye test! I came in for my routine check-up, he gave me his card and it got me thinking about a career in optics. I loved coming to Specsavers when growing up, so much so I used to pretend I couldn’t see to my mum just so I could come back! To be able to be a part of that excitement and personal attention would be absolutely fantastic..  I started my journey as Specsavers about three years ago as an apprentice. The training and development Specsavers offers is absolutely amazing. I loved going on all the courses and learning something new every day whilst providing great service and seeing smiles on all the patients faces. No two days are the same, no question too silly! There is always someone from your team or another store you can look to for support.

Near the end of my apprenticeship my coach supported me in looking into the next steps of my Specsavers journey and pathway. Although I hadn’t been with the store long my managers at the time really inspired me to take up a managerial role. This was the first time I had worked for a business where the leaders genuinely cared about their team and that is what is great about Specsavers. It’s like one big family.

A role became open for Retail Manager, I have my interview and I was successful!  The learning didn’t stop there! I’ve gone on to do ILM which is an internationally recognised management course , Advanced Dispensing, Cert 3 , Clinical Technician. This past year I’ve taken on a new role as Customer Service Manager and In-Store Trainer! I love being part of providing great service to our patients and suporting my them the same way I was supported as an apprentice to achieve anything they put their mind too!

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