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Hi, my name is Hayley and I am the Technology Business Partner for Audiology and Corporate Eyecare.

What was your background before joining Specsavers?
Before joining Specsavers I had a very different career running a bar and restaurant in a little village called Hamble in Southampton. I left Southampton to go travelling and found myself in Australia. Whilst in Australia I started working for Samsung working in a promotions team and quickly realised the office world was where I should be and returning to hospitality was no longer for me. I loved the office environment and was so intrigued to see where a new career could take me.

Tell me a little bit about your journey at Specsavers?
When joining Specsavers I took the role as a part time three-month contract. My intention was to come home, work and get some money together to go back to Australia only that was in 2010 and I am still here now.

I started at Specsavers as a project administrator. I worked in this role for a few months before moving into offshore engagement. I worked with all of our offshore suppliers based in India in a small team with my boss at the time Amitabh. He spent most of his time in India and I was in Forum 6. I worked with Amitabh from 2011 – 2014. In 2014 there were some changes within IT which brought suppliers into one area offshore and UK. This role expanded and I was offered the role of commercial analyst. Within this role I then looked at IT spend and worked with the leadership team to set up a governance spend panel. Having worked within a few roles in IT I had an eye for improvement. I enjoyed looking at things holistically and could see where lots of improvements could be made. Leon Ben had come over to the UK from Australia and wanted to set a team up within process improvement. I joined Leon’s team and worked in the role as process improvement manager for four years. I left Leon’s team with my process improvement hat firmly on and was offered an opportunity within the portfolio team to be the governance and standards manager. A role I was itching to get my teeth into as improving our governance was something I always found myself reaching for and being in this role meant I had the breadth to do that. Unfortunately I was only in this role for a year as COVID hit.

COVID brought a very different journey for all, if you worked, furloughed or lost your job it was such a challenging time. A time I found particularly hard as I had grown up in Specsavers. I met my best friends and now husband here. A place for me that would always be special.

Time went on and a job role was advertised technology business partner. Reading the job description I got so excited. I wanted this role, a role that I probably should have been headed for but I am not sure my path would have led me here if it were not for COVID. I was successful in this role and re joined Specsavers in October 2020.

How did Specsavers help and support your development?
I have always had fantastic managers that have supported my ambitions. I was allowed to shadow roles to see if they would be a good fit for me and explore other areas and always supported given the tools and techniques to grow.

What gives you pride in your role?
Value. I can see the value I add to our partners within my role. If you can see the value you add each day you can’t help but smile and feel proud!

What have you learnt during your time at Specsavers?
During my time here I have taken on several roles within technology with my most recent being customer facing. I have learnt to apply my skills to different scenarios and to not be afraid of a new challenge.

What would you say to encourage someone thinking about applying?
Specsavers is such a unique place, a place you would love to work! Apply!

Why do you love working at Specsavers?
The people and the family vibe you feel instantly.

What one word would you use to describe the Specsavers culture?

Finally, tell us a little bit about yourself. 
I like a challenge especially a weight loss challenge or a fitness challenge. I have often been talked into saying yes to runs! I don’t even like running! My fav hobby would have to be wine and dancing with my girls though! Most of them you will find are part of the Specsavers family as well.

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