Specsavers launch menopause awareness training to all colleagues  

We are delighted to announce the launch of a menopause awareness e-learning module for our UK store and support office colleagues.  

With everyone affected by menopause at some point during their working life – directly or indirectly – this training module is aimed at providing our colleagues with the basic knowledge and understanding to support their colleagues, friends and family members on their menopause journey.  

With approximately one quarter of our female workforce currently experiencing menopause symptoms, gaining a better knowledge of the subject to facilitate the right conversations is invaluable in improving our menopause in the workplace credentials.   

MenoTalk community network  

MenoTalk is our colleague-led menopause community network. It provides members with a safe space to discuss, listen and share their menopause experiences. The group has been pivotal in bringing the colleague training to life and regularly meet to share feedback to help us build a menopause-friendly working environment, so everyone feels supported during this time.  

We welcome new members every day, from store, support office and M&D sites.  

Our MenoTalk group members are starting to see the benefits already:  

“Thanks for setting up the group – it’s so nice to know I am not alone.”  

“The support and input from this group is helping me to break the taboo’s and get our ladies talking and supporting each other, since we currently have a predominantly female team with many of us over 30.”  

“My wife is perimenopausal and I’d like to try to support her as best I can, starting with education on the topic.”

And we don’t see only women in our group either – we have men too, because menopause affects everyone. Our board sponsor Paul Fussey is backing the group: “I am delighted to be board sponsor for the MenoTalk community group at Specsavers. The credentials that we demonstrate through network groups like MenoTalk are invaluable in helping us support wellbeing at work. The colleague training module that is now available for menopause, provides a good understanding of the topic – whether you know nothing at all, or you know plenty. Because knowledge and understanding of menopause is invaluable in helping us to provide the right support and guidance for ALL our colleagues at Specsavers.”   


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